Sunday, June 22, 2008

Before and After

These are the photos I promised several days ago. The idea is to show the same angle before and after renovation. In some cases I managed to capture the essence, in others I fell short. It was an idea not a scientific experiment so use your imagination! Or come see it in living color!
I was working on posting the photos when there was an internet outage here, I added a gmail email address and then could not enter my own blog page, etc. I also went through the albums and tried to notate which shots would be good as samples, but my notes are very sketchy and I spent a lot of time searching for them twice. That is why there is a two day gap between an excited ¡The photos will follow immediately if not sooner! and the ¿well, here are some shots but they don't really show the big picture? The last shot lookind down at the yard, its mate will show up on the next post. I am only able to add five photos at a time here. Gracias por su paciencia.

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