Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mokito's Missing

Mokito ate breakfast on Saturday, went out for some adventure, and never returned.  I've put out the word, taken flyers around the neighborhood, and I call him every time I am outside or near a window.  He's such a friendly trusting cat, no one's ever hurt him, and the real world would be a real shock to him.  I'm afraid he's been catnapped!  After losing Buster, and finding him two months later, I cannot give up hope to see Mokito again.  I understand he may well have been hit by a car, or taken far away, but I won't dwell on the negative.

My hammock chairs took a beating when I left them outside in this extreme heat for two summers, and I finally decided to reweave them myself.  Repairing one costs almost as much as a new one, and that's no problem, but I saw an opportunity for a fun project and I went for it.

The first chair is finished, and I'm pleased with the outcome.  When I photographed the chair, Mokito decided it was a nice photo opportunity. 

This is the last time Mokito was photographed.  Moka, Busmo, Lorenza, Sak Boox, Buster, Pablo and I really miss him.  I realize that this post won't find Mokito, since my few readers are not residents of Mérida, but every little bit helps and I believe in never, never giving up hope.  St. Francis of Assisi, if you hear me, can you help?