Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mokito's Missing

Mokito ate breakfast on Saturday, went out for some adventure, and never returned.  I've put out the word, taken flyers around the neighborhood, and I call him every time I am outside or near a window.  He's such a friendly trusting cat, no one's ever hurt him, and the real world would be a real shock to him.  I'm afraid he's been catnapped!  After losing Buster, and finding him two months later, I cannot give up hope to see Mokito again.  I understand he may well have been hit by a car, or taken far away, but I won't dwell on the negative.

My hammock chairs took a beating when I left them outside in this extreme heat for two summers, and I finally decided to reweave them myself.  Repairing one costs almost as much as a new one, and that's no problem, but I saw an opportunity for a fun project and I went for it.

The first chair is finished, and I'm pleased with the outcome.  When I photographed the chair, Mokito decided it was a nice photo opportunity. 

This is the last time Mokito was photographed.  Moka, Busmo, Lorenza, Sak Boox, Buster, Pablo and I really miss him.  I realize that this post won't find Mokito, since my few readers are not residents of Mérida, but every little bit helps and I believe in never, never giving up hope.  St. Francis of Assisi, if you hear me, can you help?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I am of course one of your readers from far away...but do know the pain and anxiety of loosing a pet...and my heart goes out to you!

Dany Ream

norm said...

Our cat does a walkabout now and then, once for 3 months-who knows what they get up to?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Lin. Good luck recovering the little bugger.


Merida Mikey said...

As friendly a guy as Mokito is, I'm sure someone catnapped him! Each and every time I leave home, I will keep an eye out for him and let's keep our fingers crossed that he will show back up at your door, tired and hungry.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry Lin, I'll be sending out positive thoughts and looking out when I am down there....

2ericc said...


We once lost a cat for an entire summer. When weather begin to cool (Buffalo weather!) suddenly there he was, without so much as an explanation, waiting to be fed. Clearly, cats adopt people, and not vice versa.

Judging by the photos, Mokito is a creature with good taste — and surely with enough dignity not to need an explanation for returning.


2ericc said...

Lin, Readers,

Please pardon me while I pontificate a bit further.

Cats are often described as Zen masters. If you believe this, it might be worth your while to ask yourself what lesson this creature (or the Universe) might be teaching. Next, it might be good to long to learn the lesson more than you long to recover the teacher/creature. (I suspect that that's a lot of longing.) See where it goes, Sis. End of sermon.

For fellow pet owners, I share some insight from a prominent, if heretical, biologist who teaches at Cambridge University. I've enjoyed several of his books, one of which, linked below, is titled SEVEN EXPERIMENTS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD.

2ericc said...


Linda Dorton said...

Thanks to all of you for your support and words of wisdom. I miss him tremendously. I do hope he's off on an adventure somewhere, and I call for him and think positive thoughts every day. I't funny 2ericc discussed the Zen aspect of cats, I'm with you there, and I have been asking myself what the lesson is. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. I hung posters around the neighborhood, spread the word, and I feel the love that my friends are spreading in their attempts to help me find my little buddy. Muchas gracias.

Anonymous said...

Any sign of him? Hope you are doing OK.

Love you.

Bob S