Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hindsight is 20/20

Let's see if I can patch up the botching I did to my last few blogs. My intentions were good and my approach was clear. I swear there were outside influences in addition to my lack of understanding and maneuverability in my own blog settings and layout. I am still new at this.

I was trying to choose good example shots of the before and after of various sections of the house. When I started going through the archives on the computer I got lost. Let's just say it got complicated and I had concentration issues. I thought I could only upload five photos per blog, but my neighbor gave me some tips today that should help fix this mess.

I see that the "after" photos I took are not the exact angles of the original photos. To see the patio before you have to look at the first photo on June 22nd article and to see the current patio you have to scroll down another blog and five photos! Sorry about that. Then I left you hanging with two old photos of the kitchen, which will not match the kitchen photos I am about to upload. I am going to start with the current kitchen photos. I am adding the view from the dining room toward the interior green room (with screen door). Also visible is the main bathroom door. And I will give it another go.

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