Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's Go Swimming - School of Acuatic Integration

Our swim school, Ko’ox Bàab – Escuela de Integraciòn Acuàtica earned its title on Sunday, June 22, 2008. Maestro Pablo had organized a recreational day of activities to integrate our students and their families at the expansive Kukulcan Sports Center. He taught the kids to swim, but he wanted them to experience an Olympic swimming pool.

We reserved the pool from noon until 3pm. The coordinators Pablo and Linda arrived early with three assistants, Daniela, Russell and Jarocho carrying all the floats, balls, foam noodles and prizes two vehicles could hold. On the grass beside the pool we set up stations for warmup exercises. Everyone received a hand painted “Ko’ox Bàab” ball as moms, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, little children AND our students lined up for a workout. Pablo played fun games, Chicle Bomba being the favorite, to loosen the folks up for the pool games. The group was divided into three teams, Chak Kay, Sak Kay, and Ya’ax Kay. Red fish, White fish and Green Fish, respectively, in Mayan.

Chak Kay began in the deep end making ‘chistoso’ (funny) dives or jumps into the pool and was judged for cleverness. Sak Kay started with crazy races on boards with balls for a long distance water-basketball game. Ya’ax Kay played a variation of volleyball we call ‘catchy-ball’ which everyone seemed to enjoy. Then we rotated the groups. Lots of smiles and many thanks were the biggest rewards for the day’s outing.

One of our students, Mario, has a two and a half year old brother, Saul. Saul always accompanies Mario and his Mom to class, but he said he did not want to learn to swim because he was afraid. A week ago Friday he decided he wanted to check out the pool. He sat on the step in the shallow end. On Sunday in the Olympic pool he decided it was his day to join the group. A great time was had by all.

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CoCo Harris said...

You know Lin,
Looking at your before and after pictures and absorbing these pics of the School of Aquatic Integreation, I am awe-inspired. I am so proud to see what you have acoomplished in such a short time. How you are spreading your wings, your love, your expertise and your talents in so many ways. Its great to see such human expansion - the travels, the before and after of the home and of Lindi :-)