Monday, July 7, 2008

Great Review in Mérida Insider

Hey, check this out! The pool exercisers Theresa and Mike, featured above with Maestro Pablo, wrote a nice review on the Merida Insider website. I thought I would share it with you along with a photo of Mikey and Theresa working out. We really do have fun! We all look forward to class every day. People are seeing results: muscle tone, more strength and energy, and in some cases even weight loss. What Pablo and I have noticed is that everyone seems a little cheerier. We like that.

The swim students are also improving vastly and soon we will be handing out certificates of completion to our first graduates. Then we are heading off on a little vacation. When we get back, we have to get serious about the solar power and paint the swimming pool for the fall classes. We have really been enjoying all the pool activity going on here at Ko'ox Báab. Gracias a todos!

Aquatic Exercise and Swimming
Ko’ox Ba’ab - Let’s Go Swimming!! If you have ever wanted to participate in aquatic exercises, or just have an occasional hour of free time in a nice pool, this is the place you need to be! Linda Dorton, a certified scuba instructor, and Pablo, a physical education instructor, offer a variety of programs to suit every budget and every individual need! If you are looking for a low impact exercise program you should check this out! It is slow paced, fun, designed to your individual needs, swimmers and non-swimmers, those who are afraid of the water and those that wish they were a fish, and is definitely affordable. There is a definitive bottom line here: if you do not want to have fun, go join a gym! We have been known to dance the “hokey-pokey” in the pool, play volley ball, catch, swim, float, and sometimes laugh so hard you have to literally catch your breath! It is fun, easy, healthy, affordable, relaxing, and just plain old good for you! I highly recommend you give Linda a call at 928-7549, cell 999-172-3330 or 999-201-7477, and check out the variety of programs she has to offer. This is probably one of the greatest things to come along in a long, long, time!
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Aquatic Exercise and SwimmingPosted by Theresa on 2008-06-30 19:41:41My Score:
I have to agree with MeridaMikey, this is the first time that I have enjoyed exercising. I know some people who are taking swimming lessons and they are very happy with the instruction. Theresa


Charles said...

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it doesn't put stress on your joints like running does.

pablo said...


me gusto mucho tu articulo es muy cariñoso, sabes te amo mucho mujer....eres la mas detallista del mundo y cada dia estoy mas amado por ti.

te amo

pablo pacheco adams