Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ok. So my last article sucked. I had no brain power it was too hot and there were too many interruptions. Enough excuses or need I provide more? I had a great idea for the palapas and sat here melting thinking JUST POST SOMETHING.

It rained like hell yesterday. It was the first time this rainy season that the water rose up in the street splashing on my neighbors' doors, coming into my parking garage like the waves of a lake, sloshing plastic jugs and miscellaneous garbage up to my gate. That doesn't bother me as much as the garbage men missing pickup for the past several days.

I enjoyed the rain, but it was not too good for business. You cannot teach kids to swim in a lightning storm. We wait around all day for the classes and then the afternoon rains spoil our plans and we feel frustrated.

Today I am flabberghasted (that is such a strange word and probably spelled wrong) how quickly the mosquitoes arrive after ONE lousy rain. I am covered in Autan, or Mexican OFF, yet one mossie is obviously having a field day with me here at the desk. Living in the tropics for decades I try to keep mosquito breeding out of the patio area.

The weather cooled down due to a cold front passing through, but I doubt that will last long. I covered myself with a sheet last night for the first time in months. I am not looking to pull out any blankets just yet. We still have two months of hurricane season left and the weather is so screwy maybe the July rainy season just started.

I am in an anxious state today. I have to attend a meeting I am not happy about. Then it is off to Mayan class where I am lost. Level one pre-school Mayan language was fun and simple. Now they expect us to act like adults and know this stuff. Hmmph! It would have helped to have a book or something to help learn in the first class, or a teacher that was a little organized.

Shit like this should be written in the morning pages, the ones no one sees. I know that. But I have decided that my blogs have been sugar coated and not necessarily reflecting my personality. I think maybe I sounded even too happy, because my friends who I thought were reading the blogs and used to write to me have abandoned me. I am the one who abandoned all my friends and family, insofar as I moved out of the country, but still....I have always made an attempt to keep in touch with my friends and thought friendship had no borders. when I know many of my friends live on their computers: games, chat rooms, joke sending for hours on end, it hurts my feelings some that they don't have time to drop me a line. I still care about them, really I do. I guess I am just frustrated and over sensitive today....something new and different for me, huh folks?

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