Monday, September 29, 2008

Kittens Want Stories Now

Why don't you work with these ideas?

Writing is fun.

I said I want that page!

I wrote a long list of shit to do today when I awoke from my three hour nap yesterday afternoon. I thought I might rearrange the entire house. Move all the furniture to different rooms and places. I sat down and made some sketches. Sometimes I like to experience different space. In my little house in Hawaii I could only move things around a little, since the kitchen, dining room and living room were just one room. The bedrooms were small and not much room for creativity there either. But this house? Oh, there is room to move all right.

But the cats decided today would be a good day to work with some old notes. They chose several projects and mixed them all up. It looks like they want me to combine some stories. Or at least get rid of some of this excess paper. Below you can picture what lies ahead for me today.

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