Monday, November 3, 2008

Can Ya See Us Now?

Two guys came by the other day and saw my little cardboard sign nailed to the facade of the front of the house. They asked if we would like to have our sign painted on the building in the fashion typical of this area. For 300 pesos, or less than $30 US, they painted what you see in the photos. We now boast loudly and proudly (and colorfully, I might add) the services we offer here at Ko'ox Báab (Let's go Mayan.)

Here the guys are painting the sign. Pretty good free hand work!

Pablo is teaching class in the back yard. I liked the action in this shot, with the mailman riding up onto the sidewalk on his motorcycle.


Daniela said...

How exciting! It looks great.

Jackie said...

What a bargain for $30! Great advertising for your money.

Pablo Chavez y Linda Dorton said...

Gracias. The sign fits in with the feeling of the neighborhood. By the way, the pool is now 84°F. It is fantastic!