Friday, November 28, 2008

The Guest Room

Months ago I posted before and after renovation photos of the Mérida house. I now see I didn’t post them well, but I was just learning how to maneuver the blog page, insert photos, captions, etc. I am getting the hang of it now.

I didn't post photos of the guest room upstairs. Maybe that’s because I was unsure how to make good usage of the room. One of my ideas was to rent the room to people who come to Mérida for dental work. My dentist has medical tourist clientele, and often they seek comfortable yet reasonable lodging during the month or so they stay here for treatments. But I felt the room was not fancy enough to rent to gringos. I have a tendency to like things Mexican. Gringos seem to like more American creature comforts.
There is a private, or at least separate, entry to the guest area upstairs. After coming through the wrought iron gate at the street, through the carport, outside around the kitchen to the patio, you wind around to the rear entrance through an ornate wrought iron gate. The stairs are reminiscent of a pyramid climb, they are so steep. It seems funny that the Mayans, so short in stature as they typically are, would have these giant steps everywhere that practically require a climb on all fours.
Upstairs there is an open air shaded patio. At 8 ft. the ceiling is comparatively low, once you are accustomed to the 25 ft and 16 ft ceilings in the rest of the house. The walls are aqua and the ceiling is sky blue inside and out. The patio is fenced in to keep out intruders who might be roof hopping or wild animals prowling. There is additional space that is just begging for some creativity. Perhaps some big potted plants, a table and chairs with an umbrella, or better yet, a little palapa. There are already hammock hooks out there, but the sun is brutal. On the roof we have the solar paneling set up also, but the roof is big so there is room to move.

There is usually a nice breeze up there. (Albeit in the summer an extremely fiery hot one!) There is a good view of the tall coconut palms a block away at La Ermita Park and the other giant fruit trees in the neighborhood. Two hammocks are already hung on the patio. There is a table and chairs set up.

Inside the room are a double bed, a hammock, a small dresser, a stereo, a little couch set, and an area to hang clothes. The bathroom has a blinding pattern of green and white tiles, but it is functional with hot water shower, toilet and sink. The only thing missing is a mirrored medicine chest, I’ve been told.

I enjoy spending time up there because it feels airy and open. It is a good little getaway. So far it has accommodated four sets of houseguests. Some of my friends and family have threatened to come down to visit. I know the economy is a mess and folks are tightening up their purses, but at some point you have to say “Screw it, let’s go have some fun.” Don’t you? Or is that just me? I thought I would just show you what your hideaway looks like if you decide to come down.


Anonymous said...

As a gringo I would be perfectly happy in your guest room. That is if I could get up and down those stairs. I am still trying to avoid stairs as much as possible after tearing two ligaments in my knee five months ago. Thanks for sharing another slice of your life in Mèrida.
P.S. I have only about 9 pages left to read of that torture called Eat Pray Love.

Linda Dorton said...

Thanks. I hope you are recuperating and healing quickly. I look forward to hearing how you liked the E.G book. I looked at your profile and realized I have never read any of the books on your list except all of Sue Grafton! Up to maybe "R" since I have books backlogged to read at home. I imagine they have her books at the Merida English Language Library. They are a great escape for me. My favorite detective. Thanks for reading my stuff. I will continue to try to find interesting things.

Anonymous said...