Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hats and Fashion

The International Women's Club of Mérida held a fashion show event last night, Nov11, 2008. I was on the planning committee. We began with a cocktail party with delicious brochettes and fresh mango, tamarind, strawberry, and assorted dacquiries. There were plenty of door prizes awarded. Other than the exquisite fashions of Martín Lopez, the highlight of the evening was the hat contest. It was amazing how many people and women. The Galería de Arte La Luz provided a comfortable and elegant background. We had our challenging moments, but a delightful time was had by all.

Marianne (Left) was the coordinator of the show, although I was her right hand person so to speak. The lady on the right won one of three prizes in the hat contest. Hers was chosen the most elegant. The prizes for best hats were gift certificates toward Martin's fashions.

Harriet made a very elegant hat and must have been in contention for a winning entry! She's a card. Harriet volunteers at the Mérida English Language Library, and is a Dead Head.

This hat won the most original award. It is created on top of an African mask, is made with natural fibers, and patterned after a tribal African design. It was unique!

These hats did not win but they were fun.

Neighbor Theresa. She coordinated the hat contest. She made her hat, her dress, her purse, the pumpkin table decoration in her hand. We are all disappointed she slacked and did not make her own shoes. Oh well, maybe next time if she doesn't have to make all the decorations and coordinate the hat contest she will have time to cobble. I thought Theresa's hat was fantastic.

Here I am holding the table decorations that I made. I do not wear hats, but I wear flowers. I made a hakulei from the neighbors' plumeria and carnations. This yellow dress is wild, but it was a fun purchase from Bali I do not have much opportunity to wear. Same with the foot long yellow beaded earrings.

I made the hakulei the night before with the help of six cats. They love raffia.

One of the fabrics Martín used in many of his designs.

I liked this action shot. Too bad about Tom's head in front of me.

Little blurry, but this is Vilma, one of the IWC member models. Martín says he can make anyone look good in his clothes. Vilma was a star attraction.

Our other model, Debi and her husband Tom taking her photos. She looked great in Martín's designs also. It was fun to have two of our members modeling. I don't know how much fun it was for them, with the fittings, rehearsals, and dealing with the rather large ego of the designer and the models.

This is Erika. She was Miss Mexico a few years ago. She is gorgeous but I was unable to get a good shot of her. At this point we are into evening wear. Shiny solids, bright colors.

Current art display at La Luz Gallery. These are paintings of a variety of Mérida doors. There are some incredible, and huge! old doors on these colonial homes. It is a beautiful collection. La Luz Gallery is worth a visit if you are in Mérida. It is across from Santa Ana Park on Calle 60.
All in all UNA NOCHE DE OTOÑO (A night of autumn) was a success. The committee I worked with organizing the event was fantastic. I am sorry I could not include all their photos and say something nice about each of them. We are looking forward to planning a bigger and better event next year and now we have some inside tips! Thanks to all.

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