Thursday, November 20, 2008

Progreso or Puerto Yucatán?

This is the port of Progreso, 30 miles north of Mérida. Once a sleepy fishing village, it now boasts a population of around 50,000. The photo above was taken on Friday, November 15, 2008 at 11am. It was a beautiful day with the sky and the Gulf of México dueling for the deepest shades of blue.

This is Puerto Yucatán. Progreso takes on a new name and personality on cruise ship days. The cruise ships use made up names for their ports of call. As you can see, vendors line the streets, tourists walk, talk and gawk. This photo was taken in August, 2007. Mexican Nationals also flock to Progreso during the summer vacation months.

Looking down the sea wall, or malecon, from east to west. In the distance you can see the 7 km pier. It is so long you need binoculars to see how many ships might be out at its dock.

The cake house. This is the former beach home of famous Mexican actor/singer Pedro Infante.
I look at this house and wonder, why would you build a giant cake for a house? Sometimes we just sit across the street and stare at it. Was the designer on mushrooms or acid?
We often go to Eladio's Restaurant pbecause they have live music in the afternoons, they bring us a variety of tasty botana (snacks like fish ceviche, refried beans, guacamole, salsa, cucumber salad, potato salad, pumpkin seed salsa, kibis, taquitos, etc...), the Negra Modelos are icy cold, and the whole fried fish is fresh and delicious. At Eladio's they cater to the cruise ship crowd, so you can always find Chiapan girls selling clothing. Rosa, above, was a friendly Tzotzil girl from San Juan Chamula, who sold us some new cotton shirts and allowed me to photograph her. We also bought some pirated DVDs from a vendor who was trying to learn a few words of English. "I have the best movies in English," he finally managed to pronounce and remember. Then he sold us Madagascar 2 (which was in Russian!) and a few other new releases. Most of the DVDs have actual recordings, and only once did I get one that was filmed in the theater with the people coughing and/or walking around.

Nothing like fresh mero (grouper) or hogfish (boquinete) seaside. One of my favorite meals.

Doesn't Pablo have a beautiful smile? Well, he is looking over the rail at the scene below. It was a relaxing, peaceful brunch. We like to go to Progreso often just to breathe the salt air and feel the cooling Gulf breeze.


K.W. Michigan said...

That picture of the whole fish is making me hungry. It's my favorite meal when I'm in Cancun. Can't get enough! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Dorton said...

It is simply mouth watering! Thanks for the comment. Will post more food.

Anonymous said...

I love to see food photos. One trip to Isla my daughter kept giving me a hard time about taking photos of our meals until she was viewing them in the Cancun Airport and said she wished that she had taken some food photos too.

Katja Tamburini, Switzerland said...

that photo of Pablo with the sunglasses really reminds me of Bali, when we got a drive to Pemuteran and you sat beside the driver (forgot his name). never forget the "look" you gave him when he put on his sunglasses... we still laugh about it when we think of it :-)))