Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras Loot: Day 1

This photo is last year's beer mug. It says "Amazones del Sol" (Amazons of the Sun) (or perhaps Amazon Women who drink Sol beer). This will give you an idea of the "tone" of Carnaval.

The messsage for Carnaval 2009 is "Las Invasoras" (the Invaders).

We scored a small batch of loot last night. The first parade is just a warm up, and the sponsors are guarded with the "regalitos" (little gifts) they send flying into the crowd. We will see the better items and more of them as the days go on. We managed one t-shirt. It translates into "With the integration of the people with handicaps, we win!" This is a big occasion for the handicapped folks here, as they really seem to enjoy being invited to participate in all the parades.
We caught packages of crackers, a pencil, chocolate bars, a sample of an Advil Maximum Strength tablet, and lots of candy. My favorite is shown below.

A Mexican deck of "Uno" cards.

Miles of bleacher seats line half of Paseo de Montejo two days before fiesta time. The open lanes we are looking are behind the parade where people meander along the parade route stopping at food and beer concessions. This is the social section, while the parade passes through the lanes on the other side of the divider island.) The night shot really only shows the seats full, and is a good example of how the folks are rather reserved and orderly at the beginning of the night. Later things will get a little rowdy. Yes! That is Batman!
The Yucatán Today article I referenced called this Carnaval de Cínema, when in fact the theme is actually CARNAVAL DE PELÍCULA, which specifically refers to films and not cinema in general. Thought I would like to clarify that.

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