Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mardi Gras Loot: Days 4 & 5

Monday night we scored, most likely because we had our own box of seats and were more noticeable. There was more drumming on Monday than on "batachá" day, or so it seemed, and Pablo drew added attention as he played his tambor along with each musical group that passed us.

A little Mayan boy handed me this sweet roll, freshly baked and out out of the basket he was carrying; all spiffed up in his white hat, shirt and pants. I gave it to the kids in the seats next to us because it wouldn't really go with my beer.

Later we caught a tshirt, 2 hats, a frisbee, lots of bead necklaces, candies, cookies, crackers, pencils, pens, a scarf, and a lighter.

Last year we caught a green scarf with the year's logo from Corona Beer and I now have a good starter collection of Carnaval memorabilia.

The cats particularly liked the necklaces that lit up. I really like this black hat. It has the Corona logo on one side.

I forgot to mention the glow stick glasses: they looked pretty bizarre outside at night. And if you notice this shirt was also donated by the handicapped. I like it. I took a photo of this character in the parade. But I won't search for it and post it here, I promise.

Tuesday we grabbed a few good items, but there were more people in attendance. Plus the guy in front of me, probably pissed that he got wet when a clown dowsed me (and him) with water, caught all the stuff that was thrown my way. As you can see I did get the Coke cup that he used to cool me off! Pablo found me a better crown for the final day, which will be good to start next year off right.....tons of beads and a tiara.

Tuesday's event is also called the Parade of the Flowers and they hand out fresh carnations. I was handed or thrown at least six, but only three made it home in tact. It was wild on Tuesday.

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