Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air. The sun is in Aries. For whatever reason, I had to rearrange my surroundings.. I didn't want to buy anything new, but my desk was bugging me. It is a giant gray steel military size desk. It is the wrong height for me to type on the keyboard. My neck hurts. I don't think the chair with four pillows piled up was helping my back. After 10 hours writing the other day my feet and ankles were swollen.

I have been searching for a better desk for a while. I found the most practical and reasonable one at WalMart, which speaks for the quality of the piece. No matter! It is great. I now have my ergonomic work station. And I broke down and bought a chair. If I am ever going to finish this book and move on to other projects I have to like my workspace.

I made my office more comfortable by bringing the couch set from upstairs in here. The removal of the mammoth desk made room for plenty of other stuff. I feel like I have a place I can comfortably hang out, even if there are screaming kids in class outside. I reorganized all my beads, pens, papers, tools and materials. I always feel renewed when I get my shit in order. My mind feels less cluttered.

It was a great spring cleaning. I organized the cd's and put them on the shelves where the CD player is! Sounds simple, but I had the cd's in drawers across the room. I could never find what I was looking for because the cd's are not in their original jackets. Now they are labeled and handy.

We moved the big desk into the dining room. Everyone needs a place to create new piles. The desk attracts them. It was collecting too many distractions for me in the office. The dining room is big enough to handle it, and I think it looks good in its new location. I have high hopes that we can keep the kitchen table clear so we can sit down and eat without having to move miles of piles first.

I realized recently that other than tables, chairs and hammocks, there isn't anywhere to sit in this house. The living room furniture which was not comfortable to begin with, was taken over by the cats long ago. Yesterday I put some temporary slip covers on it and cleaned it up. I moved furniture around in the living rooms to accommodate the cats' toys. Pablo reinforced and improved their play station. They had toys all over the house, scratch blocks, etc. Now it is all in the living room and they can run and play and climb....and soon, roll in catnip.

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