Friday, April 24, 2009

Guest Room Renovated

It has been nearly two years since my Mérida home found and captivated me. I remember walking through this massive all-white house taking tons of photos; my head swimming with ideas. When I returned to Kona to close out my house and affairs, I spent those three months with gel pens in hand dreaming about how I'd work with color in the new place.

I was starving for color. In Hawaii both men and women wear bright and often flowery clothing, but their homes are typically boring beige, white, or some other neutral shade. Inside and out. Our house in Kona was barely yellow outside and icy ice blue inside. The house was small and wouldn't have handled midnight blue, orange or gold walls.

By the time the albaniles handed me swatches of paint options I went completely wild. In my state of overwhelm, I had the upstairs guest room painted bright aqua. I think I forgot to actually go upstairs with the swatches, because the aqua clashed with the sage green tiles in the bathroom. It was fun for a while, but it eventually was too much to look at. I posted photos of the guest room back in Nov'08, if you'd like to compare the changes it underwent this past week.

Last week I painted the room white. It is now the ONLY room inside or outside the house that is white. And it seems larger, fresh, and refreshing. Here is what you see when you walk in the door.

I decided the cubby hole of a closet could remain aqua as a memorial to the room, and it alone in the corner is enough aqua for anyone. You can see why it took four coats of paint to cover.

The new curtains I made are quite sheer but I liked the fabric. If we need privacy or to avoid the sun, we'll have to use the venetian blinds.

And although it took a year and a half, I finally replaced the medicine cabinet that had no mirror. My sister-in-law felt that was the only thing the room was missing.


Islagringo said...

My main rooms are all white. We get our dose of color through Oaxacan throw rugs and other accessories. Looks like you're doing the same with this room. Nice job. It looks very inviting.

Linda Dorton said...

And for the time being, it looks like other than local visitors it will remain clean, white and empty! I was expecting a visit from my brother, but probably not until they resolve the influenza PANDEMIC.