Wednesday, June 24, 2009

School's Out

The side of a traveling party truck....Lights and Sound Fokuz...the atmosphere of your fiesta.
Sounds like a fight ready to break out to me. It's all in the name.

In yesterday's paper I could have sworn it said today is the last day of school. But I have to mention that I often misunderstand what I read in Spanish. Today is June 24th. Ordinarily the kids are in school until the end of June. When the Mexican government shut down the entire country in April due to the influenza, the schools were closed for two weeks. It was decided at that time that the kids would attend school into mid-July to make up for lost time. That was not a popular decision, since July is vacation time for most Mexicans.

The father of two of our swim students confirmed that today is the last day of school...for most schools. Some private schools and smaller schools who passed the hygiene test will remain open. What happened?

The flu came back around. The Yucatán now boasts the second highest number of cases in the country, around 500. There is even another suspected death but no one is willing to go near enough the guy's house to investigate.


Linda Dorton said...

Make that 693 cases. One confirmed death (this time around) and three suspected others.

Jackie said...

The 2nd swine flu related death in Oregon was a young child just a week or so ago.

Linda Dorton said...

Today's paper says 100 cases a day being analyzed and they may raise the number of confirmed cases to over 900. They are being more hush hush about it because the initial PANIC was overstated, so now the situation will be understated because foreign tourism is down 60-70%. It's a crazy world we live in!