Monday, July 20, 2009

What's New

Here I am out with some of my friends enjoying a fine dinner. We had a fun time, but leave it to me to eat spaghetti all week and then go out to an Italian restaurant. I was pasta'd out but the steak was delicious. The wine was tasty in the moment, but I suffered for it the next day. Left to right, Ula, Beryl, Debi and Lin.

These are my melons. (Got your attention?) I planted the seeds from a canteloupe and this is the first photo in a series I expect will show how melons take over my life.....if this is anything like growing squash, that is.

I just cannot get the photo of the pitaya flower! I have hope for this bloom, for the first time the entire growth didn't fall off after flowering. We may harvest ONE pitaya after all!

To follow up on the water problem from two weeks ago, here is a photo of the sidewalk which was repaired just today. The street repair crew fixed the asphalt the day after the pipes were changed. The sidewalk guys came today and patched it. Of course I also photographed the asphalt, but I imagine this is enough to bring closure for you.
In case you were wondering, the new street pipes did absolutely NOTHING to help the water on its route to the rooftop tank. The plumber never came back, but in his defense, he didn't know what the problem was and he admitted it. We waited for him in vain for two stormy days, though didn't really expect him to show up since he drives a motorcycle. Pablo ended up jiggling the bobbing thing and the tank filled up.

Moka (r) and Mokito (l) are a little disappointed. They were expecting some catnip but Mexican Customs confiscated it. They hope it gave the agents headaches when they smoked it.

It's a flower! No it's a papaya! I am excited about these little papayas on the tree. When I found Hawaiian Strawberry Papaya in Guatemala, I ate a few and saved the seeds. I have my fingers crossed that they grow up healthy and delicious.

Does this post seem a little scattered? Perhaps that is because it is exactly how I feel. It is a pleasant little space in my head, but it just doesn't get a lot accomplished. I thought I would post an update.


Islagringo said...

Are you sure the picture of the cats is not a double exposure? They sure look alike.

"Pablo ended up jiggling the bobbing thing". When I read that, I had no idea how that sentence was going to end. Thought you might be headed in the XXX direction!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Wow, Islagringo is right Moka y Mokito do look like mirror imagines in the photo! I must admit that I have a hard time telling them apart sometimes, but they look like twins!

Linda Dorton said...

Isla Gringo, Just showing you my extensive plumbing knowledge! Where is your mind? (Kidding.)

Theresa, Mokito is the 'gritón' and Moka is the supervisora. Even I have to look for the white tip of Moka's tail sometimes to identify them.

Teresa said...

Hawaiian strawberry papaya? Sounds wonderful! I would love some of those seeds! As for pitaya, my one year old plant had 2 beautiful flowers and 2 almost ripe fruit this year, then somebody stole them! I'm back to buying them at the Mercado.