Wednesday, August 26, 2009

¡Adios, Well Traveled Jeans!

I've been told it's time to trash these shorts. Say it isn't so!

I was a few sizes bigger when I bought them in 2004. They have always looked baggy because my legs are kind of skinny, however the fabric has relaxed a bit over the years. They are still so comfortable; that was all that ever mattered. I've been practically living in these shorts for five years. The thought of throwing them out brought forth (besides the sadness of losing a good friend) a beautiful memory of our history together, causing this photographic tribute to my favorite jeans:

We've traveled with crazy Aussies through the northern Australian outback to Berry Springs Park outside of Darwin . Driving someone else's rental car, we took to the red dust roads, passing truck trains, stopping at swimming holes like this with crocodiles...both freshies and salties that swim up river. July 2004

And to Litchfield National Park, Top End Australia, posing in front of the giant termite mounds. This is where we made the mistake of reading the guide book AFTER our day in the park. We sat on the ground, exposing ourselves to poisonous chiggers that made us really sick. August 2004

And we've sailed from Darwin, Australia, to Bali, Indonesia. Oh wait, these are not my jeans, this is the swim suit that has survived these same adventures. I saw this photo and was shocked that this WalMart special is still the roughest swimwear I have ever owned. August 2004

We've been to Kuta Beach, Bali, where a new Paddy's Pub replaces the one blown up in October '02. August, 2004. Oops, I've been there twice: I went out one night on my second trip to Bali partying in them and actually entered this place....creepy. January 2007

We've been around southern Mexico. Here we are in Tulúm at some cabañas in the town just a few kilometers from the Caribbean Sea. September 2007

We saw a lot of Central America. Here we are at Amapola, Isla del Tigre, Honduras, where wecould see El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua from this scenic lookout. July 2008

We have shared so much together. I will admit that my ass showing through the tear in the back is not appealing. The shorts have seen better days. I admit it. This is also as clean as they get. Actually I was wondering if I could sell them on eBay. Don't some people pay big bucks to get 'that worn look' on a well traveled pair of jeans?

Ok. They are going into the trash. This may call for some sort of ceremony. Maybe I'd better wear them tomorrow and give this a little more thought.


Islagringo said...

I bet they are going to have to cut those off your cold, dead body when the time comes! Shorts like that do not deserve to be just carelessly tossed into the garbage. If I were you, I would have them mounted and framed so that they are with you forever.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

this was a great post! I could make you something out of the shorts, how about a pillow or a bag?

Linda Dorton said...

Islagringo, you are so right. I think they should be framed.

Theresa, I had the same thought, maybe they could still be a good purse or something...but really the fabric is quite thin. So far two votes frame, 1 vote craft it, and NO votes trash! Yeah!

Nancy said...

You could rip them into strips and tie them up to make cat toys?

Linda Dorton said...

Rip them into strips? That hurts just thinking about it. But you are right, they would make a good cat toy.