Monday, August 31, 2009

Pitaya & Tuberose

The Pitaya

We harvested the lone pitaya. The other two flowers and their potential fruits withered and fell off the vine. Our fruit wasn't the most flavorful, but my reaction was - it would make a tasty beverage (with sugar, water and ice). It looked good, and let's face it, it is my first pitaya fruit. There is some hopeful news: there are two new blooms getting ready to flower. We shall try again!

The Mexican Tuberose
Finding this in my patio was a surprise! It looked like a tuberose, it smelled like one, but I thought I had some sort of iris growing there. I'd been watching it grow and just yesterday I noticed these!

I looked it up and sure enough this is what a Mexican tuberose looks like. Mine is secured to a bambu pole to give it the strength to carry on. The plant looks healthy and I am trying to give it my full support. (The wide leaves around the base of the tuberose are a flowering succulent.)


Daniel said...

On my last visit to Merida I had a pitaya paleta. It was the best paleta I've ever had!

Linda Dorton said...

Daniel I will give that a try! It sounds like the perfect end for a pitaya. Maybe we will even make the paletas here IF the next blooms make it to fruit. Thanks for the info.