Saturday, November 28, 2009

It Is Too Cold

When you read this morning's rant, just remember I am not one of the bloggers who whined about the heat this summer.  It is 7:20 am and 57°F.  The coldest hour was in the middle of the night.  That means it dipped way below 14°C, as it reads now.   We usually swim at 8am.  The swimming pool is holding tough during these cold nights, even with the ground cooling, it's maintaining 79°F. 

It was too cold even for Mikey, who swam in the 75°F pool  last year, when we were just learning the solar energy system. Today he is waiting until the sun is shining and we can warm up the pool before jumping in.  For me it is just impossible when it is 20 degrees colder outside than inside the pool.  When I weighed in at 162 I could have done it, but at 115 I don't have enough body fat to keep me warm.  Nor do I have a wetsuit.

What you folks up in the REAL cold weather need to consider when we whine about the cold, is to ask yourself this question:  Do you keep your house at 50°F all winter? 

No.  The heaters go on and the houses remain around 78°F, a temperature which seems to suit everyone.  So imagine you are sleeping in your light nightie, with a summer comforter and a sheet, and your heat goes off.  The temperature is dropping outside and inside.  You put on your "warmies", socks, sweats, etc., to stay warm.  The floor is cold, the toilet seat....forget about it.

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