Friday, November 20, 2009

Two Cocktails and a Camera

I wonder... how long ago you could get keys made here 24 hours a day? Looks like it's been a while.

This is a typical night time street scene in Mérida. I am not sure why there are sparkles on the hood, and I didn't notice it at the time I took the picture. Just reflection, I imagine. On my walk tonight I decided to take some photos. As you can see, it started out ok.

Tonight I went to my friend's house for cocktails. I first met her over the phone when I was looking for Buster in August 2007. She called me a year later to cat sit for her for a few days. Since then, we have gotten together once every few months for "cocktails" at her place.

I can say she is British, somewhere in my generation, a writer, a reporter actually, a very interesting and eccentric person. We always have two scotch and sodas. No more, no less. One time we went out on her upstairs patio and I got emotional in some rant; my glass flew out of my hands! Straight up it went, and when it came down, the pieces managed to land on the upstairs and downstairs patios, and probably each step in between. Well, that was it for me. I was cut off and I figured I'd never be invited for cocktails again, having flung her last cocktail glass around her house.

But no, we've gotten together since then. I now have to take my own glass, just in case, but we still have just the two cocktails. Today's were hefty ones, not surprising after we both admitted it wasn't the best of days in each of our worlds.

This was the night of the Revolution Day Parade. Pablo took his art to the zócalo. He dropped me off at my girlfriend's house and parked close to el mero-centro. (the heart of the monster) I volunteered to walk to the zocalo, as my friend's house is only 8 blocks away. It would have been impossible for me to park at the hour I would be arriving. So on my way, I saw things I wanted to photograph. I thought I would try another feature on my camera, however, my glasses broke as I was walking and I didn't quite master what I had in mind. And maybe the results will only be funny to me, at this moment, because I am a bit lit on that scotch, but when I saw these pictures I had to laugh, and I had to share them. It's just been one of those days.
So I admit that I was trying a new function on my camera, but I didn't stop to check the photos, I just kept shooting.

Considering I was a little loopy from scotch, I found it funny the way the beer store came out.

But the next thing you know, aliens entered into the pictures.

Luckily I found Pablo.
I actually DO have a few photos from tonight's festivities, which I will post tomorrow. I don't find this all so funny any more. I'm going to go lay down.

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