Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Animal Friends

I sneak a cat photo into a blog now and again, but I haven't posted many animal pics lately. I can't post other folks' animals without showing off ours too, and recently I took lots of pictures of our newest animal acquaintances.  I guess I could say I really enjoy photographing animals. Last year I lost a lot of photos in a computer crash, so this update is for me as well as friends who ask how the kitties are doing. 
First, some photos of the commando.

Buster, deep in thought.  Comandante-in-Chief. 
Princesa Sak Boox.
Weasel,  adopted by the comando and Busmo's best friend.
Busmo cleans up while relaxing in the hammock. 
Little Lorenza.  The littlest comandante. 
Moka and Mokito.  He's into the catnip.  Mom's not thrilled.
Moka, THE Comandante General y Inspectora Principal.

Mokito's favorite sleeping position. 

Below are some of the animals NOT part of our comando, but with whom we spent the holidays and we visit from time to time.  They're all unique characters, provide a lot of laughs and love for us, oh, and their owners are great people too.

Willy, the whispering cat with the softest little "meow".  He loves to play with Izzy, Poodle and Klem the dogs.
Willy enjoys a spell in the hammock.
Rodney and Cheetah cuddling on a cold morning.
Rodney, Simba and Cheetah.  Brothers and best friends.  They live with Jack, Lynx(not pictured) and the two Juniors(look like Rodney-not pictured).
Can't resist a spin in the dryer. (Just kidding!)
Jack the tough outdoor cat.
Jack the gentleman wants to go inside.
Izzy the eternally playful dog.
Poodle and Klem pondering the day.

And this is Rupert.  He is from France. He looks like he could speak French, doesn't he?


Merida Mikey said...

Hey Lin -

This is one of the absolute best "animal" blogs I have ever seen! Your fotos and descriptions are great, and right on! I know most of these characters, and your fotos capture their souls.

Linda Dorton said...

Thanks, glad you liked them. I get lost in my sea of animal photos. Handsome animals, no?