Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carnaval 2010: Regional Parade

Last year I was on a mission, so we attended every parade during Carnaval.  By the time Tuesday came we had already attended four long parades, and I could have skipped it.  I remember though that it was a hot and sunny day, and I had to avoid being poked in the eye by sun umbrellas.

This year we attended two events, returning on Monday night for the Regional Yucatecan Parade with some visiting friends.   We had box seats.  The weather was not particularly cooperative; it was cold and rainy, so of course the people were toting umbrellas and raincoats instead of beer coolers and lounge chairs.   The box seats were only half filled, giving us a chance to really rake in some loot.  Mikey joined us, Pablo caused plenty of desmadre playing his tambor and spurring the paraders to dance for us, and Eric, Jane, Fletcher and Dylan remained wide eyed during the entire evening.  Some of the scantily dressed girls that were supposed to be atop the floats hid inside the double decker buses.  It may have rained on our parade, but that didn't stop us from having a great time.  Some photos to peruse:

Box seats along the Zócalo.

Singin' in the Rain....
Great box seats in Santa Lucia, photo opportunities abounded. 

The costumes were unique.

Parade participants were enjoying themselves too.

They were ready to pose.

Pablo y Linda

Lots of loot.

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Merida Mikey said...

The rain dampened me and the paraders, but definitely not our spirits! It was a great parade. Pablo's tambor helped a lot in that category!