Monday, February 22, 2010


Hola.  Yesterday I couldn't get on yahoo.  I received an email from them stating someone had stolen my password. I was unable to access my account until today.  Today I changed the password, but whoever hacked me has changed it again because I can't get in again now.  I have a photo on there for security so they can't do much more, or so I hope.  A friend of mine will hopefully help me clean and secure my computer this week....

However I am NOT IN ENGLAND, and NOT BEGGING EVERYONE for money!  If you haven't checked your emails, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THE EMERGENCY email (supposedly) from me.  I did not send it.  It is probably very dangerous.  I have reported it to yahoo and sent emails to all the folks I have in my gmail email address book.  But the yahoo account had so many more!  I haven't reached out to everyone yet.  I will post on Facebook too just to try to clear the air.  If anyone asks, I am alive and well at home.......and money may not be flowing, but I am not desperate or asking anyone for help.

I apologize for any inconvenience the asshole(s) who hacked me have caused you.  I will post something when I feel "safe" again!  Thanks. Muchas gracias.


Katja (Switzerland) said...

oh no! I got the email too, thought it might be spam but then you never know.. I've deleted it!

BajaJohn said...

With all these security features we have know - spamblocker, popupblocker, firewalls... how does this keep on happening???

Kurt Bell said...

I also got the email, but is was obviously not you writing it. So, I thought I'd have some fun with it and did respond. Here's the last reply I had:

Thanks for your concern towards my situation. Kindly send the money to me Using Western Union Money Transfer. I will be able to get the money in minutes after you transfer fund with ease. Here is the information you need: I would have loved to call you but i don't have any money to pay for a pay phone.

Receivers Names: Linda Dorton
Receivers Address: 7-11 High Street , Guildford Surrey , GU2 4AB
Country- UK

I will need the Money Transfer Control Number and others transfer details after you send the money.

So, don't know if this is any use to you, but there is an address where they want the money sent!