Friday, June 25, 2010

Futbol Soccer Update

I started this blog series with a lot of enthusiasm, and of course some of that has waned due to Mexico's loss to Uruguay Tuesday.  Mexico is not OUT of the Mundial yet, they have won a place in the KNOCKOUT ROUND, but spirits are not as high as they were last week. 

Mexico played a good game against Uruguay.  They were in control of the ball most of the game. Uruguay spent its energy defending the opponents' goal.  They let Mexico run around the field doing fancy footwork while they stayed in place waiting for any type of goal attempt.  And they stopped it.  It's too bad Mexico couldn't take the win, as a country they need an uplifting experience for their spirits.  With all the bad press about the heads rolling all over Mexico, and the trendy new anti-Mexicanism sprouting up all over the USA, we need something positive to happen down here.

After the 1-0 loss, Mexico took 2nd place to Uruguay in their group(A).  This means both teams go into the next round. Tomorrow Uruguay plays against South Korea(B), and Sunday Mexico takes on Argentina.  I want to be optimistic about Mexico's game, but Argentina has been one of the strongest, if not THE strongest team in the Mundial to date.  While the rest of the teams are haggling for spots in the 'playoffs' with 5 points accumulated....Argentina zipped on through with 9 points.  If you aren't following this sport, 9 points is a shitload.

The USA beat Argelia.  England played Slovakia Slovenia and lost.  USA and England each had 5 pts, but based on the rule structure mentioned two blogs ago, USA gets to keep playing and England gets to go home. 

Theresa in Mérida posted a reference to Jon Stewart on her June 16th blog, and I found his take on the World Cup hilarious.  He and one of his reporters, John Oliver, a Brit, did a skit AS IF the USA had beaten England in their match, when in fact they tied. Here is the clip:

What I thought was so funny about that was "the country that doesn't give two shits about soccer beat the country that invented it".....remember, tho, USA tied England, but we move on to the finals and they don't.

When I was looking for the video I saw in Theresa's blog, I found new coverage where John Oliver welcomes the USA to the Third World.  Gaining skill and interest in soccer is only one of the signs that we have joined the third world.  If the USA wins the Cup, Stewart says the rest of the world will officially have to call the sport SOCCER..........and no longer FUTBOL.  If I copied correctly, the following link will take you there. It's worth the click.

At some point during Mex-Uru game, I noticed that the SuperBowl quality commercials were being aired. They weren't the usual cable company vs. the telephone company commercials....they were all about the Cup.  I caught the end of one commercial, didn't notice what it was about, but the catch phrase was: "The CRACK of chocolate!"  I can't wait to watch the next games, and I plan to tune in more closely on the commercials. I may have been missing the best part. 

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Linda Dorton said...

Well I thought I was following along with the eliminations and England is playing Germany this morning....hmmm. thought they didn't make this round. Still much to learn.