Friday, November 19, 2010

Now What Have I Done?

If I were a young,homeless, starving, half-feral/half-GATO FINO and you wanted to call me "Mokito"...well, I'd say, "Call me anything but don't call me late for dinner...." and I'd come flying into your open arms. I'd probably tell you my tales of woe and let you caress me while visions of fancy feast filled my head, just like GATO FINO did yesterday.  My new feral personality would hiss and growl at my formerly beloved siblings and MOM, since I'd been living on the street and defending my very existence for the past month.

It wasn't the behavior that tipped me off that this might not be Mokito.  This cat mimicked much of Mokie's unique attributes...down to his annoying screechy meow that could cause any catnapper to re-open the door to freedom!  It was uncanny.  The other cats investigated and sensed something very wrong.  I didn't expect them to roll out a red carpet, but the extreme rejection seemed unlike all of them. They are a close cat family.

Almost exactly 24 hours after GATO FINO escaped to the other side yesterday, he reappeared.  He stood in the patio and called out, this time grabbing Pablo's attention.  Pablo only heard about yesterday's fiasco, so his reaction was a surprise.  Knowing it wasn't Mokito, he TOO thought it was, the voice sounded so much like our cat.  The whole fandamily went out for a secondary inspection.  

Try and tell me this doesn't look JUST LIKE Mokito!

 This is definitely not Mokito.

This is Mokito at a frazzled frantic moment, and even here you can see they are two different cats.
Oh, there is one more thing, IMPOSTOR MOKITO is a GIRL.  With my luck, one who needs plenty of veterinary attention and surgery before it's too late. St. Francis, we're still asking for help down here in crazy cat lady land!


Tom and Debi said...

I think Mokito must have spead some seed prior to hooking up with you! This is definitly a mokito heir!
still holding onto hope that M will return!

Linda Dorton said...

Deb and Tom,
I started to respond to your comment and decided it was TMI....I may blog that whole story, we'll see.

Mokito is our baby, born in the house, and neutered with his 3 siblings and mom 6 weeks later. He's never had a chance to spread any seed.

They all seem to be related though, for sure, the behaviors and's unbelievable.

Thanks for your support. I'm hoping too. With Julia looking for her missing cat too, we're getting a lot of tips...

Theresa in Mèrida said...

MokitA has mean eyes. LOL.MokitO never had those squinty eyes.

Hopefully she has been fixed or there will be more kittens in your future!