Monday, December 6, 2010

Peace Restored at Cat Commando

As a follow up to the lost Mokito - found Imposter Mokito - saga, let me just say that miracles do happen!  Below are a couple of photos of "Coqueta" taken Dec.4th, more than two weeks after she was rescued.  She'd lost most of her savage ways and had learned to co-habitate with other happy cats. 

We named her Coqueta because she seemed to respond to the k and t sounds in Mokito.  The word means 'flirt', and once she let down her guard and relaxed after fending for herself on the street, she was quite flirty.  She really wanted a loving female human. Unfortunately it appeared she'd moved into a cat hostel where she'd have to vie for proper attention.

When our vet came over to deworm and vaccinate her, and confirm that she was spayed, I asked him if by any (fat) chance he knew someone looking for a cat.  He told me he thought he DID know a lady looking for exactly this kind of cat!  Grety and Raul came over yesterday to meet Coqueta.  She put on a good LOVE ME show and they ate it up!  We sat and chatted for a while before they took her. That's when I found out they were taking her home to their neutered male (Siamese) cat BUSTER.  Thank you, St. Francis of Assisi!

Dreams can come true!  Coqueta as queen, Buster as will(hopefully) be good in their world.  Here at Base Cat Commando, Moka is again the reigning queen, and Buster is finally acting like he owns the place! Having the cats at peace makes me feel more peaceful.  Now, what are we going to do with these raging savage humans?


Merida Mikey said...

I'm really glad that "Imposter Mokito" was warmly received by the folks that adopted him. I'm sure he went to a good home.

Now, about those raging humans . . . . . never mind. Not nice. Some things are best left unsaid!

Linda Dorton said...

When they carried her out the gate, she realized what was happening, looked at me, freaked out,jumped through the gate and ran into the back yard.

I felt her fleeting moment of remorse....I COULD have fit in here, I WOULD have stopped hissing at the others, I WON'T EAT SO MUCH ALL THE TIME, I WANT to be a good kitty...don't send me back to the street!

She was placed in a box and had to go blindfolded to her new castle, where she would be queen. So far so's been two days.

I'm still thinking about a way to address the raging humans, because frankly, although I am not on their shit lists, per se, I am not outside their radar. Most likely I'm on their DOBLE SENTIDO shitlists because the ugly judgmental holier-than-thou gossips they have become leave no stone unturned. They are vicious and malicious and represent everything I came here to avoid. The ugly fucking American. Sorry. There are no other words.

2ericc said...

Hi Lin,
Having been quick on the judgement trigger for many years myself, I'm coming to see that it invites judgement onto me. (If you recall, the "original" Ugly American was a story about somebody who knew how to be a real neighbor. (AMAZON LINK: — reviews are at the current edition, but note the cover art on the second item down, 1960 edition, which was the original art.)

I guess my point is this — finding it within myself to say "bless you anyhow" is waymo betta (although more work) than saying "f.ur.ugliness." Karma is a continuous feedback loop, sez me, a voice of experience. ~eric.

Linda Dorton said...

I agree with you, and it's not my intention to become judgmental or start yet another war here in bloggerville. I'm caught in a cultural crossfire and sometimes it just gets to me. The problem is, I feel unable to post a blog these days without creating some kind of controversy.