Friday, October 14, 2011

Cats, Cats, Cats: Last Part!

So what is going to happen to these little darlings?  Mimi the cat rescuer believes she can take the little angel to a place where she will be quickly adopted on or around Monday of next week.

Guera and little Mimi will likely be here until around the end of the month, when Mimi the cat rescuer has a potential foster mother who can keep them on a long term basis if needed.

Gemelo, I forgot to mention in yesterday's post, is one of the feral-gone-domestic cats who weaseled his way into the commando.  And we are hoping to get some deworming meds for the entire commando next week.  He is first on the agenda because he steals the rest of the commando's food right off their plates while they are eating. The feeding procedure here has become quite complicated and I need to work on that too!  I am hoping the meds help Gemelo because the rest are more courteous and eat their own food, which I now serve on up to 9 separate plates in separate places. It's a circus.

Sometimes when animal caregiving gets a little out of hand, there is help closer than you think. Thanks to those who provided the happiness that having kittens in the house provides, and more thanks to all those folks like Jill, Sylvia, Mimi and a host of others who help to make it all work, so I can continue to love and support the commando in charge.

Just a few more shots of these darling kitties: Indulge me. I'm done with today's cat story.

Mimi comes out from under the bed!

 Allows some petting, please excuse the photo angle, it's too late at night to edit now.

Guera purrs while she enjoys her petting session.

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