Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project One: The Pool

 The month of projects.  The reasons I haven't written are twofold:  I have been working so much and have had workers in and around the house for several weeks now. Projects are officially finished for now, for now being the usable word here, because an old house like this is never lacking potential projects.  

First of all, Pablo and I painted the pool a couple years ago but the sun and chemicals took their toll.  This year the pool was left dry from October til mid February when I found some great workers to do the repairs and paint.  As you can see from the cement, there were a few cracks in the pool where water was seeping out.  There were chips of cement broken off the sides that have now been repaired. 

 The rust colored pole you see here doesn't' have a top on it and it was full of water, oxidating the pole and rotting the pole from the inside. They fixed it and built a cement platform for it, as well as topping the pole so rain doesn't enter.  The cement had to dry for several days.

 And then came this day. The paint job. No more nicks, rust, low spots for water to collect along the wall  and a beautiful new white acryllic surface around the pool  to finish the new look.

 I promised to be in that pool by March1st and by God, the photos below are taken March 1st,more or less.  Close enough. 

 My office opened up that day. The step in the corner is my favorite desk in the house. I do my best writing out there.  It was so hot here in February I'd wished the pool were full and heated.  By the time I got it finished a minor cold front came in and I could only use the pool a couple times, since it was windy and cool during the day.  Now I am  happy I have my pool and i've begun exercising.  My flabby Polish arms were showing, time to do those pool exercises again.  Bring on summer, I'm ready.

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