Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Peaceful Paradise Hideaway

Finally, I've put together a photo story so you can see the entire house here in Buenavista.  It is so peaceful and heavenly here.  Peace and quiet. No traffic noise, rarely a car passes by our lagoon road, and it is fun to just watch the water and sky.  The stars! It seems you can see all of them.  

This place brings to my mind a lot of memories of oher places I've been. The cove reminds me of the place we anchored for a month on our transpacific sail trip - in Niuatoputapu Island.  The reeds close to shore make me think I am on the Nile, and I expect to see a baby in a basket floating toward me at any time.  The entire place, village and all, takes me back to the Mexico I fell in love with- undeveloped raw beauty and nature. A night heron loves to perch on the dock or the seawall searching for food. When he sings, is he singing for his food?  The hummingbirds drink of the hibiscus flowers every day, that reminds me of the BVI.  Having a lawn- it's been a while. Hawaii was lava rock, Merida was cement.  Even if I had to wait a lifetime to find this piece of paradise, it was worth the wait.  Have a look. 

The yard and lagoon side of the house.  The yard is nicely maintained, and the sidewalks lead to the Lady of Guadalupe sculpture and altar, the trees with orchids, and the palapa and dock. The house is wheelchair accessible outside and inside.

The road to the shore palapa and dock.

The shore palapa and the dock with palapa, and of course stairs to enter the crystal clear water. 

A view of the cove to the west of the dock, which is similar to the view to the east of the dock. 

A photo from the kayak.

The sunrise. 

The spare bedroom with private bath.

 Front entrance with handy ramp.

Lagoon side patio.

Same lagoon side patio.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Protector in the corner of the property.

Master bedroom.

Kitchen view towar living room area -- the door at the back is the master bedroom.

Dining Room.

 Picture from master bedroom of living room, kitchen and dining room.

Laundry Room.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

I absolutely love it! You done good! I miss you but I am glad you are happy.

GreenlakeCottage said...

Your home is fabulious.So beautiful, with views everwhere..You are right, it is much better to have a lake of 7 colors blue, than a swimming pool. Rock on Rockett !