Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kittens Grow, Eat, Play and Sleep

Growing up fast! 6 wks
Moka is tired.
Mokito tired from hard play.
Sak Box pooped out in favorite basket.
Lorenza y Mokito concentrating.
Busmo y Sak Box spaced out.
The first six weeks with kittens have been truly amazing. We thought they were cute when they were born. (See blog around June 9) Watching the growth can be truly mind boggling. I admit I spoil all my cats. I love them. Moka and her offspring began their journey in a large carton box. After a week or two, Moka made it clear she wanted the kitten area expanded. I cut off the top of the big box, attached a smaller box to the open end of the original box, and put in lots more padding. They were able to get their land legs. If the bedding was unsatisfactory to Moka, she would drag the kittens out one by one and drop them at my feet. Once I changed the blankets and lava lavas (pareus), she put them back in and was happy again.
On their one month birthday she brought them out to eat and play. We moved them into the tv room, opened up a side door on their carton shack, and put out another piece of fabric. We brought in the cat perch that Pablo made for them, as well as a pile of other toys. A cat litter box was added. They picked up on toileting very quickly. They romped and played and wrestled.
This week the cat box has been moved outside the main house into the bodega and they are dealing with that successfully, living openly in the house. They are also eating with the big cats in the general cat feeding frenzy area. Today they were all found in a pile sleeping in the dust pan. I heard they were up all night playing. No wonder they are sleeping most of the day.
It is hot here in Mérida now. Afternoons are perfect for any project you can do in the hammock surrounded by fans and enjoying what breeze flows through the house. I study, read or write in the tv room in mine where kittyland is. I find that I read or write one paragraph and without realizing it my eyes wander over to the kitties playing and I get lost watching them. If they get much cuter I will never be able to give a single one away, nor will I be able to get anything done. And that is my latest excuse......


Katja said...

hi linda, be prepared, the kittens will get cuter and cuter and you will love them more and more!! when you think that they can not get any cuter anymore, the still do! :o) enjoy it! cheers, katja and 1 big cat and 4 kittens (1 moved already) :-( to our neighbour :o)

Linda Dorton said...

Scary news. I loved your photos. Can't wait til these kittens discover toilet paper! They are a lot of box.....yikes!

glorv1 said...

Cats are beautiful and loyal. I have a cat, Michael is "her" name and guess what?, she is 19 years old. I mean who would have thought. We had Nonsense, who had Sammy the cat, who had Michael. So at one time we had the three generations. I love cats but I'm a dedicated dog lover myself. Good luck with your little babies.