Friday, August 1, 2008

On The Road Again

Lago Petén Itzá at El Remate, Guatemala
Our campsite at Tikal Ruins with hammocks.
One major temple in Tikal.
Punta Rock Band in Livingston, Guatemala.

Sold the VW. Traded in the Peugeot for a Ford EcoSport vehicle. Headed to the Caribbean coast and camped out south of Majahual on the beach. It was fabulous. From there we drove through Belize to Guatemala. We camped out for two days at Tikal ruins. The cacophony of birds and howler monkeys was overwhelming. The ruins were impressive to put it mildly. We climbed the tallest pyramid (all of them, really) and sat there drawing the scene from on top of the world. From Tikal we drove southeast and parked the car in Puerto Barrios. We took a ferry to Livingston, Guatemala, an interesting little town on the Bay of Amatique in the Gulf of Honduras. It is the home of the Garífuna musicians, the Caribe people, and a lot of beggars. The music was fabulous and the town quaint. We spent two nights there and then headed to Honduras. It took us all day yesterday to clear customs and immigration with the car, but now, if we want to, we can stay here until the end of October. I guess after all the rigamarole they figured they would let us hang out. We are in San Pedro Sula now awaiting clean laundry so we can head to the ruins of Copan. From there we will explore a little of Honduras and then return through the mountains of Guatemala.

Would like to share this.....saw lots of coatimundi, called pisotes. Now I know the difference in zorros and pisotes. Photo enclosed. That is the update for today, it is time to carry on with adventure.

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Theresa in Mèrida said...

Wow! We were wondering where you were. What a wonderful vacation.