Sunday, August 17, 2008

Play, Eat, Sleep, Grow

Sac Box and her sister Lorenza.
Mokito pooped out from playing.
Why are you bothering me?
Busmo in action.
What's going on here?
Home again. First update, kittens are growing by leaps and bounds. A friend took some great kitty photos but I cannot open the zip folder to insert them here. I snapped these today. It was a beautiful morning in the patio area . Buster hung out and Moka kept a close eye on the kittens' first full patio outing. They discovered the hole in the bedroom window for departures and arrivals.
The kittens are always hungry. If they hear a can open, or if someone goes to the frig, they are right there with those heartbreaking little eyes, "What about me?" They all have fat bellies and eat plenty. They play hard and are particularly enjoying the pottery and Mayan gods we brought home from the trip. Pablo collected some pretty river stones and those are making their way around the entire house. Life is but a toy if you are a growing kitten.
I bought so much food I told the cashier at WalMart that we eat only catfood at home! No cooking that way and plenty of vitamins. She only half believed me when I said I was kidding. Trying to explain a commando of spoiled cats is not an easy concept to interpret here. The local folks do feed cats, but they also "get rid of them"....Crusty went missing, Lorenzo has not been seen lately, and little Negra did not make it even with the vet's care, she had been poisoned.
Moka will be going in for surgery soon, I think we have all the cats a commando can hold for now. She is doing a great job teaching her babies to hunt. Buster is particularly fond of little Busmo and I wonder if he knows how much they resemble eachother. That is the cat update for the day. I will try to get some really cute photos in coming weeks because they grow and change every day.

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