Friday, December 12, 2008

The Spice Rack

The formerly brown stool is perfect for reaching the tall cupboards, and look how it coordinates with the fruit on the decorative wall tile!

This is the spice rack, painted and in place.

One Saturday a few weeks ago Mike came by and invited me to an open house at an antique furniture shop. They carry high ticket antiquities, showcase artists’ work, and carry some reasonably priced used furniture. They were providing botana…cheeses, imported salamis and prosciutto, olives, crackers, etc, and free wine.

Among the imported Peruvian planters, colonial furnishings, Guatemalan artwork, and local painters’ contributions, we located the less expensive section. I found a spice cabinet I liked. It was painted a drab mauve color but in good condition. It was less than $10 US. Next to it was a shoe shiner’s stool. It was less than $5.

I wanted to paint the items hunter green, like the kitchen doors. When I looked through the leftover paint on hand, there was no green. There was lots of salmon in various shades, so I decided I could start with that. After a few coats the drab cabinet came to life. I brought out my acrylic paints and painted a border of hunter green. It was sloppy so I painted some white splotches and dots along the edges. The center was inset so I painted that white. Pablo looked at it and said, “It needs some blue.” So I painted a blue stripe on the inset of the doors, finished it off with a little blue flowering using a fan brush, and voila! A new spice rack. I like it.

I painted the stool salmon and green. The colors in my kitchen are slate blue and white, with accents of hunter green. There are occasional decorative tiles with fruits that bring in the salmon, blue, and greens that were used throughout the room. I could have used the piece in its state of mauve, as the cherries on the tiles are a dull rose color. I like the new color scheme, however, it seems to brighten up the kitchen and tie it in to the dining room, which IS painted in salmon.

Mokito is pretty sure this was built for him so he could climb to new heights in the kitchen. If it is placed properly, it also makes it easier for him to dive head first into the trash. At any rate, he looks pretty cute sitting on it.

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