Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photos and the Cat Commando

Mokito cuddles with Mom Moka for an afternoon nap.

I have been looking through all the digital photo albums lately on both computers. Our pictures tell the stories of our lives, and I love the ideas and memories that flow when I peruse them. I got so into organizing my paper photo albums two years ago, I wrote an article called THE DIVINE ORDER OF PHOTOS, published last June in Simple Joy Magazine online. I also wrote a step by step guide to organize one's shoeboxes full of photos, and sent it to several friends in an envelope full of my duplicates. I thought there were memories inside they might enjoy and at the same time I tried to inspire them to organize their photos. I thought it was funny and it was really fun. But I'm not sure it was successful. One of my friends wrote back and thanked me but said, "I'd rather scrub toilets than organize my photos."

I liked the process, so much so that recently I decided to try to organize the photos in the computer. Since going digital, I have taken an excessively excessive number of photos. I realize that I am compulsive with my camera and its seemingly limitless capabilities! I am learning to use the delete button all along the way from snapshot to online album. Anyhow, once again I have photos that need to be organized. I thought that having digital albums labeled and chronological would simplify things. It's not true.
For some time I have wanted to post an update on the commando of cats. The kittens are now teenagers. I looked through the photos and decided to post a few "family shots" here and then give each cat a post with a photo and bio. A bit excessive? Who me?

Busmo is now as big as Buster. Buster has a bigger head and Busmo has a bigger stomach.

They love to play rough.

Moka the inspectress at work, checking out Busmo.

Lorenza and Moka were napping, until I came along.

Wherever Moka goes, Sak Boox follows. The inseparable duo.
This would probably be enough update on the cats. It shows just about everything they do. They eat, sleep, play, and sit around. They have us very well trained and are pretty pleased with their lives.

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