Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pride and Joy: Buster

Buster went missing for two months when we arrived in Mérida. This photo was taken in late September 2007 the day he was found. He looks a little relieved, spooked and thirsty.

Buster is 10 years old. He is big, healthy and handsome. Friendly but a little timid.

Buster relaxing on the coffee table in the evening in the living room.

He likes catnip, feathery toys, tuna, hanging out in the abandoned lot by day and in the house at night, playing with Busmo, licking the other cats, and bringing his friend Cuate home to eat, play, and when available, roll in the catnip. He likes to be brushed and petted, but hates to be picked up. He dislikes children, fast movements, and unexpected noises.


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