Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pride and Joy: Moka

Baby Moka in early December, 2007, not long after she appeared at the front gate, sick, abandoned and frightened.

Things got better with time. January, 2008.

Moka is a year and a half old. She has the biggest bright blue eyes. She is beautiful. She is small, delicate, and has a tiny but persistent voice. She can be a bit hyper but she has an important post in the commando. She is Mom, Queen, Chief of Security, and Caregiver.

She likes hunting rubber bands, supervising all household activities, receiving lots of attention, hanging out with me in the desk drawer when I am working, and when I'm in the hammock.
She doesn't like to climb trees, leave the property, visits by veterinarians, or the printer...she attacks it whenever it is doing its thing.

This is her seat in the desk drawer. It is not exclusively hers, as I write this Lorenza is sleeping in there.
Moka guarding the toys from the inside of the toybox, clutching on to her favorite things.

Moka guarding the back gate from this giant rat bastard, the intruding possum, below.

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