Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pride and Joy: Busmo

Busmo at two weeks.

Six weeks old.

All the cats like to hang out in this desk drawer when I am working. I fixed up the drawer to keep them off the keyboard.
Busmo was born at least an hour after the other three. He is bigger than all the others except Buster, his favorite buddy. He doesn't miss a meal and therefore has a huge stomach. He is the quietest cat and sleeps the most. When he likes something he says "Wow!". When he wants something he follows me around and tenderly bites me, crying with a small squeaky voice.

He likes to go over the wall to check out the other side, but he is quiet about it. He rarely brings home the prey, but he likes to play with his siblings' catch of the day. Last weekend he accidentally got closed in the upstairs room, but he was non-plussed about his near 12 hour incarceration.
He doesn't care that much for human contact, especially children. He enjoys his affection, but like Buster, he doesn't like to be picked up and coddled. He is probably the mellowest of the cat commando, with Lorenza pulling a very close 2nd.

One last note. Thanks for indulging me if you made it through all the cat update posts. I wanted to show them off a little. They really are my pride and joy. This should satisfy me. I was concerned that I wasn't showing off the kitties' growth, and they have really changed from adorable kittens to beautiful, friendly, healthy cats. I promise this is enough on the cats for a while!

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Daniela said...

Yay! Thanks for the cat update...I was thinking a lot about them recently.