Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pride and Joy: Mokito

July 9, 2008, one month birthday, first meal away from Mom.

At six weeks, all played out.
January, 2009, at six months.

Mokito's motto is "Born to be loved." He is very sensitive. He does not understand the concept of "No!" and when he hears it his feelings are hurt. He is curious and therefore finds plenty of problems in his path, but he's so innocent. He will climb up on the counter (no!), but once there he just wants to sit and watch what I am doing. His sister Sak Boox climbs the counter and rearranges it while getting in my face as I repeatedly put her back on the floor. He watched me put a jigsaw puzzle together, while Busmo chewed the pieces beyond recognition. He is quite vocal but also pretty well behaved.

He likes everyone. He loves to hunt down and play with giant cockroaches. He plays fetch with his Coke bottle cap, bringing it to Pablo so they can play soccer. He loves Pablo and is heartbroken if Pablo goes out. He can sit for hours and watch the giant iguanas on the wall. He can't climb the tree or the wall and evidently prefers his own home space like his mom. He begs Pablo for tunafish every day, and of course, there is no saying no.

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Annmarie Borucki said...

Lin: Mokito is an absolutely beautiful cat. Bruce and I love watching your cat progression photos. Btw, I am still working on an email to you about temazcal... and while I have you, we received your package in the mail. We hope you and Pablo are well!