Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pride and Joy: Sak Boox

The girls at two weeks.

Still growing.

Six weeks.

Sak Boox (pronounced sock boash) was the second born. She is black (boox in Mayan) and white (sak in Mayan) with a Siamese personality like her mom's and the two are inseparable. Moka just stopped allowing her to milk a month ago. Moka cut off the others a long time back!

She is the most adventurous of the litter and a great hunter. Her prey is primarily the lizard family. She has no trouble facing off the giant iguana who suns himself in her path on the wall leading to the other side. She is a "gritón", or quite vocal. It's hard to tell if she is griping about something or just talking, but there is no mistaking her cries when she is hungry. Busmo likes to play too rough for her taste, and she really yelps when he is chasing and cornering her.

She is the thirstiest cat. She drinks water from the pool, her bowl, toilets, showers, the five gallon jug when the spout is open. Basically any running water she can find will do. She is slender and delicate and the cleanest kitty. She acts aloof but is a very loving sweet cat.

She has Moka's face and supervisory qualities.

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