Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mokito and Weasel: Double Trouble

I was happy when Mokito made friends with little Weasel. When Weasel first descended into the patio the female cats told him he was infringing on their territory, but Mokito said, "Come on in! There is plenty of food and when that runs out we'll ask for more! I'll show you all my toys and and how to manipulate these humans." And so began their friendship.

As time passed Weasel talked Mokito into fulfilling his dream of climbing the tree, walking the broken glass path, and entering the big wide world on the other side of the wall. You may have read about Mokito's learning curve during that adventure. It took him three tries to work up the courage to come down alone. But once he learned, he was struck with wanderlust. He goes over to the other side several times a day.

After Mokito's last post, he brought home the scorpion that stung him. He started bringing geckos and eating them. Then his eyes went all googly and his balance was off. I called the vet. Through "Planned Pethood" he was tested for all potential cat illnesses and came up clean. But his eyes were looking in opposite directions and he had haws. He lost some weight. The vet said he probably ate something poisonous that may have affected his nervous system. After a week or so he was looking pretty good, except for the googly eyes. Even when he felt weak he would follow Weasel over the wall and carry out his daily adventures. Things were going pretty well until he came home like this:

Mokito the grease monkey.

The next day he came home like this!

Mokito got a bath, a little humiliating but he took it in stride.

He looks and smells wonderful again!
Except for the googly eyes.

Mokito reminds me a little of myself. He is very independent, even a little (?) spoiled, and lives for adventure. He was born with wanderlust. He is afraid to try new things at first, but once he works up the nerve he loses all fear and runs head first into the new and unknown. Consequences be damned! We can work them out later! Then when he gets injured, his feelings are hurt. No one abuses him, he brings it upon himself. It's just that his natural cat instincts are not as sharp as his siblings'. He is a slow learner, smart but a bit naive. He even repeats his mistakes after getting burned a few times. But he forges ahead on to the next adventure with wide eyed innocence. I have said this before, but with Mokito around, we always expect the unexpected.
"I'm just a boy whose intentions are good, Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood."
Sorry, Weasel, we will be cutting off those cute little furry balls!


Anonymous said...

I love the cat stories. Mokoso looks so handsome, and Weasel's pretty guapo, too. Off with his huevos!!


Islagringo said...

Hope nothing serious with beautiful Mokito. Did he get into some car oil or something? Last year Simon's Valentines Day present was a trip to the Vet to give up his furries! I thought it just.

Merida Mikey said...

You must live up to your reputation!


Arriba, arriba, arriba!!!!