Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Best Friends

"Mokito" by Josseline, 1 Aug 2009...Refrigerator Art

Most cats are afraid of children, much like myself. Not Mokito. He loves everyone, and even if kids are awkward in their attempt to give him love, he tolerates it.

We have an adorable little 5 year old girl in Pablo's swim class on Saturday named Josseline. All the cats head over the wall for adventure in the mornings after breakfast, except Moka, who has a 24 hr. a day self-appointed post as Sergeant-at-Arms for the commando inside the compound. When Josseline started coming to class, Mokito would come back over the wall just to visit her. She fell in love with him, hypnotized by his adorable face and sky blue eyes. For the past two weeks he was busy hunting during Josseline's class, and she missed him.

This past week she brought a picture she'd drawn and colored FOR Mokito OF Mokito. She was dying to give it to him, but he didn't appear. If you know cats, you know they don't normally come when called. If they are five feet away they usually look at you with this, "What? Are you serious? I am busy licking my balls and what's more, I am not your slave. You have that backwards my giant friend. Now get over here and scratch my head."

Saturday Pablo and I called for Mokito. We told him he had a visitor. I was surprised and elated that he responded and meowed walking the wall, jumping down the tree, and running over to greet Josseline. We took them inside, and she presented him with the picture. She held him and hugged him, and as you can see, he TOLERATED it. He may really love it, as I know he loves the attention, but he doesn't look physically comfortable and his eyes portray his little attitude. He knows he's special and he has to allow the world love him, after all, I think it is his raison d'etre.

Here are photos of Josseline's tender moment and Mokito's tolerant one.

Best of firends!

Since we are on to the cat commando, how about this Weasel? He came in and found Busmo sleeping and decided to get himself a little action!

Busmo turned over and they they embraced.
When Weasel started cleaning Busmo's butt, Busmo woke up and said "Whoa! Weasel. Enough already." I had to share this little scene. Hey, the moon is full and everyone is either horny or looking for affection.
Best of buddies, Weasel & Busmo.

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