Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chocolate Tequila

There was a buy two - get one free oferta at the supermarket Sunday, and TEQUILADOR tequila was one of the specials. The bottles are beautiful, and we found the tequila to be top quality. We bought one white tequila, one gold reposado, and one Chocolate tequila.

The chocolate tequila reminds me of Bailey's Irish Cream; in consistency, not flavor. It was very tasty as a shooter or a sipper. It is 100% agave combined with Belgian chocolate, 17% alcohol content. Absolutely delicious. I just poured a taste tester to write this description. I think it would be good poured over ice, or mixed with kahlua and maybe a tad more tequila.

This was not an inexpensive extravagance, but it was a worthwhile one. When we got home from buying half the supermarket (we were hungry, breaking rule #1 of grocery shopping: always shop after eating, not before) we decided to taste the chocolate liqueur.

The new roommate needed an attitude adjustment to overcome computer frustrations as well as to celebrate her first two weeks immersed in the bizarre life we lead in Mérida...extreme heat, lots of people, weird black food, Spanish TV, etc. Pablo received a disturbing phone call while we were driving home from the store, and I was just in the mood to catch a good buzz. I too had been stressed out all week. So we broke into the gold tequila. It was smooth and delicious. Before we sucked that dry, I put it away and broke out the white bottle. It seemed pretty tasty, and it was definitely doing the trick. I had to make a phone call and was blabbering for about an hour in another room away from the tequila, or the difference of another 4 or 5 shots consumed by Pablo and Anonymous roommate. We laughed, told stories, and got to know each other better. Pablo's English improved immensely as roommate's Spanish flowed more fluently. We were dancing in the dining room. We had a great time. Then Pablo hit the hammock and was fast asleep, or passed out, depending on your assessment of the situation. Anonymous roommate went upstairs, not necessarily remembering the end of the fiesta the next morning. I went to bed too, planning to watch a midnight CSI without seeing even the opening scene.

We all suffered the next day, but the hangover of quality poison! My stomach didn't bother me at all, I had NO headache, and the only ill effects I felt were an insatiable hunger, thirst and approximately three brain cells in operation. I was able to do my daily chores, of which there are many right now with the cat sitting jobs besides the normal chaos of swim school. Luckily for us, we don't drink much alcohol and very rarely get bombed. But the full moon was rising and we had some bonding to do. We continued bonding with our mutual hangovers later. After a three hour nap in the hammock and another bowl of Midwestern chicken stew, I felt human again. Now it is 2am and I am fully recouperated and my mind is chock full of things I would like to post here. Onward nature lovers and crazy fun loving adventurers! (Onward Christian soldiers doesn't work for me.)
Next food item I have to try will be from the authentic Yucatecan Lebanese Taquería. Maybe we should take the chocolate tequila with all makes about the same amount of sense to my taste feelers.


Merida Mikey said...

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!

Merida Mikey

Linda Dorton said...

More like 1,2,3....INVINCIBLE!!!!

Islagringo said...

Here in Oaxaca, mezcal is KING! We are learning to become true members of the court. What we seem to be forgetting is that it is usually 38-42% alcohol! Now where did I put my shot glass??

Linda Dorton said...

Who gets the worm? You do 'drink' the worm, don't you? I remember days in Oaxaca when we had to cut it in half because we both wanted it! Of course, if you drink a whole bottle of mezcal, worms sound tasty! Who knows, Islagringo, maybe after one mezcal worm you might start liking OCTOPUS! hEE HEE