Saturday, August 8, 2009

¡Let's Talk Tang!

Living in an extreme climate requires extreme measures. In the sweltering summer Yucatecan heat and humidity we learn to consume mass quantities of liquid or suffer the debilitating effects of dehydration. When the heat kicks in around April or May, I'm usually chugging water straight from the garrafón (5 gal. jug) a tiempo (at room temperature). As summer progresses and room temperature surpasses 95°F, I crave ice cold water with ice. After a while I get bored with water. I make iced tea. I drink Cokes. Pablo or I make fresh limeade (an excellent rehydrator), and pineapple or watermelon licuadas (fruit blended with ice/water/sugar). I buy the flavored packets like Tang and Crystal Light. I try to be creative with beverages.

Recently I've noticed a wide expansion of flavors by Tang, Crystal Light (now known as Clight), Zuko among others. I know some folks don't approve of beverages made with artificial sweeteners or ingredients, but I just can't consider these to be the most dangerous substances I could be using. Therefore I try to focus on the extra vitamin A, Bs, C and Iron I am infusing as I down a few liters of tasty, thirst-quenching, rehydrating, sweetly flavored waters every day.

I decided we should try every flavor! Below top row first, left to right, we have: Horchata (rice beverage with cinnamon), Durazno (peach), Tamarindo (tamarind), Piña (pineapple), Moras (berries), Manzana (apple), and Melón (canteloupe). So far I really like the piña, manzana and moras and haven't tried the others yet.

That was just the beginning, below we have: Uva (grape)(mmm...), Naranja (orange)(mmm...), Mandarina (tangerine)(so so...), Tuna (the red fruit of the nopal cactus)(so so...), Fresa (strawberry)(mmm...), Limon (Lime)(always refreshing), and Jamaica (hibiscus flower) (mmm...a Mexican staple, and de-oxidant!)

Mokito says, "What about this Mango packet here?" Oops, either I forgot or I was looking to sneak Mokito into another photo. Mango is delicious.
The Tang flavors I didn't find to complete my collection I have represented below by other manufacturers: Sandía (watermelon)(mmm...), Guayaba (guava)(surprisingly scrumptious), Pera (pear) and Guanábana (soursop) which I haven't tasted yet.

These are my favorite Clights, Limon Cristal, Toronja Rosada (pink grapefruit), Brisa de Mandarina and Flor de Jamaica. There are many more flavors, mostly variations of what you've seen above.

Makes you thirsty just thinking about it, doesn't it? And may I add many of these refrescos go quite well with vodka, rum, or tequila (not so sure about mezcal tho!) and a slice of lime.

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