Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heaven on a Spoon: Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream is Hagendaaz MAYAN CHOCOLATE, but they don't sell it here. On occasion I treat myself to a DULCE DE LECHE, but it is difficult to get ice cream home without it completely melting first. When refrozen it is icy and loses that creaminess I crave.

I have tried a few local brands of chocolate ice cream, but they just weren't very chocolaty. The other day at Chedraui I noticed Nestle Abuelita CHOCOLATE CON CANELA. That is chocolate with cinnamon, just like the Hagendaaz Mayan Chocolate. Chocolate Abuelita is a favored brand of chocolate here. It is packaged in octagonal (or are they hexagons?) discs and is blended with hot milk to make hot chocolate. When I saw the brand name on ice cream, I thought it was worth a try.

It is chocolatey, cinnamony, creamy....truly heaven on a spoon. Look for it in your favorite store and break that diet just once, give it the taste test.

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