Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Night Swim

Before it gets too dark, check out these cool wall decorations our students gave us. Everyone knows I love dolphins.

This macaw is life size and almost looks alive.

I often mention the aquatic exercisers. I have to give these folks credit for their determination to stay in shape. Mike, pictured below on the left, is very dedicated in his workouts. He comes every morning and a few evenings a week. Most of the time he works hard for an hour or more, but we have some night swims that are more relaxing, laid back, and sometimes include a sunset cocktail or two.

Also pictured below is Theresa, another regular aquasizer, but her "Husband" is sneakily hiding from the photo! Often in the evenings the water is warmer than the air, and it feels so velvety and soothing as we gracefully(?) move around the liquid medium. We actually feel a little chilled when we get out, which is refreshing because it lowers our body temperatures after a long day of intense 100 degree plus heat.

I started writing this post in May, when Jill, another occasional swimmer/imbiber joined us for cocktail night. I have been promising to post these photos for nearly three months. I guess having my main computer on the fritz is inspiring me to work on some unfinished projects.

The look on Mikey's face is more likely guilt at being caught on film drinking during exercise hour than actual inebriation. We really only have a couple of cocktails, if any at all. Jill is in the background acting out YMCA to the disco music we are moving and drinking to.

Just in case you wondered, the air temp is mid 80's and the water 88! Come join us some time! Watch the pitaya flowers open, the cats chase geckos, walk around the pool stopping only for a sip of margarita, michelada or tequila, or just float and meditate.


david said...

Hi! I found your blog and would love to ask you some questions! My fiance and I are planning a move to Mexico come January and we're thinking Merida. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to ask you some more questions? I just couldn't find your email address anywhere.

PS - Great Tom Waits quote a couple blogs ago.

Linda Dorton said...

David, sure! From one camper to another, and from one ARIES to another, I would be glad to chat.
email is