Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cat Commando: Busmo & Weasel

Busmo is a gentle giant of a cat. He is like one of those big guys who look real tough but are all tenderness inside. He was the fastest cat to grow big, and the slowest one to grow up. I think he was confused, being half tabby and half Siamese. He doesn't look like any of his siblings, and he is twice their size.
He loves the other side, but I think he is more the explorer than the adventurer. He rarely brings home any creatures. He has a quiet squeaky voice that he doesn't often use. He is a lot like Buster, who he enjoys playing with. Buster is the only other cat his size!

In the heat of the summer he spends his afternoon sprawled out in the coolest location he can find. Sometimes he is out under the shaded roof of the pool. When I found him sleeping on the bed(below), I'd left a fan blasting and he seemed to make the most of that.

He is as laid back as he looks here.

Busmo enjoys playing in the garden but he stays pretty close to home most of the time.

Here is Weasel. He keeps the rest of the cats young with his youthful playfulness. He doesn't often meow, instead he communicates with a rolling gutteral sound that is very communicative. I swear I heard him roll a NO yesterday. You may remember Mokito made friends with him, but once he taught Mokito what he needed to know, Mokito dropped his friend Weasel. I guess he just didn't need him anymore. Weasel took up with Busmo and they remain best friends. Weasel doesn't mind it when Busmo plays a little rough, he just hops around and makes up new games for them. They are a riot to watch.

Friends who like to do everything together.

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