Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Another Quiet Sunday

Pablo and I wanted to spend a relaxing Sunday together after a hectic month. I suggested we revisit the ruins of Xcambo, where I thought I might write and he could play his tambor or the pajaritos (whistles). We had an easy drive up to Progreso and headed east along the coast. There were flamingos wading in the water near the shoreline as we drove through the marshland area. We saw some in flight in the marshes on both sides of the highway toward Xcambo. Wow! The colors: black stripes under their bodies and wings in contrast to such bright pink birds. At the gravel road to Xcambo, we made a Uturn and decided we would rather eat fresh fish.

We headed into Telchac Puerto and found a popular spot on the beach, one we hadn't seen before. (I forgot to take pictures.) We chose a table down in the sand, our table was in the shade, and the seabreeze was refreshing. We had a couple of cold beers and split a whole fried fish. They brought other seafood botanas. The ambience was relaxing and we sat there a long time . We enjoyed the families playing in the water close to shore on the last day of their official summer vacation.

On our drive back, Pablo chose an offroad that passed a marina, and led to the passage where the inland marsh water headed out to sea. Like a river seems so odd to describe one since there are so few above ground rivers in all of the Yucatán.

The road was a perfect dead end, its sides collapsed by some past gushing high water event, so we parked the car on the partial road and ourselves on the beach.

The water was moving at a good clip toward the gulf. The warm sea was crystal clear and other than the current it was very calm. There was a family enjoying this spot down the beach from us. You can see a lighthouse on the point.

A pensive Pablo, probably trying to figure out how we will obtain our own strech of beach some day! Lost in thought, at any rate. This shot looks inland, but the road is still farther back.

These were interesting Nopal cactus full of tuna (fruit) all along this stretch of beach. They are a hearty plant. I didn't risk injuring myself by taking any of this plant. I already have a little nopal, and a little goes a long way.

All in all it was a nice getaway from the city. It was a relaxing and scenic drive. We found good food to eat at a great price, enjoyed some time on the beach, not even making much conversation. It is easy to appreciate all the beauty surrounding you on this coast, and we really enjoy these mini-adventures.

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Islagringo said...

It sounds like a perfectly lovely day. I love how relaxed Pablo looks.