Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat Commando: Lorenza

Sweet Lorenza. She is tiny and delicate, quiet, shy and yet independent. She is the tiniest of the litter, and she has a different personality than the Siamese. Lorenza can usually be found sleeping in this corner (below) in the basket where she was born,
stretched out on the floor near her basket,

or on a cushioned seat next to me when I work at the computer. Lorenza isn't as demanding about her affection as the others. When she wants to be petted, she starts licking my hand. So she is more of a give and take cat than the Siamese. She loves junk food! Doritos, Chicharrones, Cheetos, Chips, Cookies! All of it! She hears one CRUNCH and she comes running. She enjoys her trips to the other side, and more often than not she returns with a lizard in her mouth, ready to play.
She has had a few medical problems, but she has taken the treatments and medications in stride. This is another NON-Siamese trait! Lorenza spends more time hanging out with Buster and Mokito than with these two, Moka and Sak Boox, the fearsome duo. What's with the stink-eye?

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